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A & T Footwear Ltd is a Canadian-based luxury footwear and accessories retailer renowned for its high-quality offerings and customer-centric approach. The business operates both online and through a physical retail location in Edmonton, Alberta, offering a wide array of meticulously curated products for men and women. From deluxe dress shoes and boots to casual wear, safety boots, and even sports and running shoes, the brand distinguishes itself by featuring high-quality Italian leather in many of its designs.

Driven by core values of quality, elegance, and integrity, the company has established a robust network of relationships with reputable wholesalers and manufacturers, ensuring a consistent supply of premium materials. This focus on quality is balanced by a commitment to affordability, achieved by optimizing procurement processes and leveraging strong supplier relations. With an extensive and versatile product line that caters to a range of preferences and occasions, A & T Footwear aims to provide not just footwear, but an unparalleled experience of sophistication and comfort to its customers.

We ship to over 30 countries worldwide. Global Distribution and warehousing enable us to provide fast delivery. With the efficient international delivery system, we can collect superior products and provide a better and faster online shopping service for our clients.

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